Invoke the help command described below to get a complete list of all commands supported by scli. As a convention, the phone number, fax number or email address should be indicated by the tel: The show printer inputs command shows information about the input sub-units of a printer which provide media for input to the printing process. Create user name user1 and user2 by using adduser command Step 9. This command has many sub-commands focusing on various aspects of the system.

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This command has many sub-commands focusing on various aspects of the system. The command returns the serial number of the snapshot. Ans It is any routing protocol used within an autonomous system. BGP enables this information to be shared with the autonomous system. The monitor printer display command shows the same information as the show printer display linkx. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

The show bridge forwarding command displays the forwarding data base used by transparent bridges. Click here linx review our site terms of use. Ans It is a system that performs a protocol translation between different electronic mail delivery protocols.

The command generates a table with the following columns: Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Q What is a DNS resource record?


The show cisco dot11 interface info command displays information about all IEEE Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? This can be used to dynamically extend scli with modules coming from other sources. From the remaining connections, all local port numbers are considered with a well known name.

Linux-Kernel Archive by date

Note that scli does not have general MIB knowledge and hence the output requires some post- processing. This command has many sub-commands which are used to set very different things. The show entity containment command displays the physical entity containment hierarchy.

Edit the configuration file using vi editor. The set scli regex command controls how scli matches regular expressions. The set 3com bridge vlan name command changes the name of a virtual LAN. When a command is entered which is not a leaf of the command tree, then the interpreter will recursively invoke all commands in the subtree identified by the entered command.

The show entity sensors command 3clm the physical sensor entities in more detail.

Ubuntu Manpage: scli – SNMP Command Line Interface

The set scli debugging command sets the debugging level of the SNMP engine. The delete nortel bridge vlan ci deletes all selected virtual LANs. The show printer paths command shows information about the media paths of a printer.


An scli mode is a logical grouping of related commands e. To check if all rpms required for squid are installed or not. The show sflow receiver command displays information about sflow receivers.

This section only describes the top-level commands. The show bridge stp ports command displays information about the bridge ports which participate in the spanning tree protocol. The show scli command details command displays detailed information about scli commands. Every Linux operating system also includes numerous software programs that require access to these communication ports. FAST Defrag can monitor 3com marvell mv00 million users, including 77 of simulation, where you aim to executable components and many more.

Leave a comment The Kudzu program runs each time the system boots and performs a hardware probe. The dump nortel bridge vlan command generates a sequence of scli commands which can be used to restore the virtual LAN configuration.