Make sure you choose a key that is not easy to guess. However, a single channel is enough to establish an ADSL connection. You will know that your call is a VoIP call when you hear two short beeps right after you dial the number. For detailed information about how to setup Reports monthly total download and upload amounts and current download rate.

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AirTies WAV-140 Modem Kurulumu – YouTube

With the WAV, you do not need a microphone or headphones, you do not even need to have your computer on. In the Address bar enter The search is incrementally done as you type characters into the text box.

In the WAV Firewall menu, you can also define advanced rules to limit or block the Internet access of any local user. Three levels of WEP encryption exists.

To add devices that will be blocked from accessing the WAV If you are not connected to the Airtes even though the lights are green, contact your ADSL service provider. You can enter your ADSL phone number as the calling number.

While making P2P calls, it is sufficient to dial the numbers as entered in this screen no prefixes needed. WAV Special Applications 6.

Then, for each number, enter the following information: To add the devices that will be permitted to access the WAV There are no user serviceable components inside. However, with this method it is not possible to recover from a failed route automatically.


To do this, the parties being aieties must also have their phones connected to a WAV You will know that your call is a VoIP call when you hear two short beeps usv after you dial the number.

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Configuring P2P using the AirTies Utility Program For each entry, the P2P list contains three pieces of information each of which can be edited in place when the mouse is clicked on the corresponding field. WPA is the latest and most advanced wireless encryption standard and provides you with the highest level of data protection. Do not use with V AC.

These rules are defined based on the following assumptions: Plug the power adapter provided into the V wall outlet and the other end of the power cord to the WAV Will voice calls lead to exceeding my quota? Click ” Save” to store your settings.

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A complete network can be defined using static routing. Management You can access your router remotely by using telnet, or the Web interface, or you can retrieve information from your router via the SNMP protocol. QoS allows data packets from selected applications to be given priority during Internet transfer.


Static Routing Static routing rules define which gateway is to be used to reach a particular IP address on the Internet. For detailed information about how to setup Group interval is the re-key period expressed in seconds.

Although it’s a risky method, you can open and forward all the ports for a certain client at once with DMZ to resolve access problems resulting from firewall or NAT settings. It is recommended that you choose one of 1,6, or 11 as the channel number. If dust buildup should occur, use a dry cloth to remove the dust.

If any of the devices in your wireless network does not support WPA, it is recommended that you wav-14 WEP encryption. Instead, call AirTies Technical Support. This prevents that client machine from joining the WAV wireless network.

However, due to growing importance of data security, it is recommended that you choose a suitable security protocol and configure the WAV to use it.