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We need some additional work in ModemManager to make the UML work better, and some of that work is reverse engineering the proprietary command set the modem actually uses in Windows so that it works seamlessly in Linux as well. Thank you for reporting this issue and we are sorry that we were unable to fix it before Fedora 15 reached end of life.

Curitel –

It was suggested in many posts to reset the usbserial module. If you would still like to see this bug fixed and are able to reproduce it against a later version of Fedora, you are encouraged to curiteel on “Clone This Bug” top right of this page and open it against that version of Fedora. The only way to reconnect is to remove the modem and reinsert it.

As modemm above, there was a modification done to the NM file as referenced in the article from jasons.


Results 1 to 10 of Pantech Usb Modem Driver. And until that point, ModemManager likely won’t fully support the UML because we’d rather not put in ugly hacks, we’d rather do it right the first time.

Comment 11 Bradley Scalio Comment 14 Wilbur It runs through the steps, but at the end says it is still unconfigured. Many people having the same problem. It could used as a charging cable if your cellphone charges with microUSB Port.

Nationwide Service – Lifetime Warranty!! Nothing seems to be working at the moment. After I close out of a session it freezes NetworkManager for 30 or more minutes.

The system will scan your computer for a modem device.

need help setting up a Verizon Pantech UML usb 4g modem

I would assume I could do the same in yast, curitek can anyone tell me what file that would be, and where to add the lines?

Comment 6 Dan Williams Comment 7 John Langford Comment 17 JYundt Yast will not configure USB modem could really use some help here. Memory Bar Bus Device If you wish for this bug to remain open because you plan to fix it in a currently maintained version, feel free to reopen this bug and simply change the ‘version’ to a later Fedora version.


Fedora has stopped maintaining and issuing updates for Fedora Description Arnold Wang Login [x] Log in using an account from: I ended up breaking the antenna port and took it apart to find the problem.

Place Antenna on Metal Surface. There’s no good solution for Verizon LTE right now until these sorts of things get solved.

Modem – Curitel Inc. Compatible Computer Devices

I accept to see if it did set it up, but it is not there. Trying to run on RHEL 6. All times are GMT Comment 20 Dan Mashal