Listen to this video again- Watch www. Relapse – Farewell – dub Theory – Jah Jah Time – dub Log in or Sign up Close Panel. Any other random lies that have notruth in the world”. Enjoy – Horacle – dub And he said it himself.

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Check his eye movements when he’s making up his stories.

This is NOT for digibooy Using celebrities who turned into DJs isn’t a viable example. We all know your reading this. But not letting Jaycee re-ask those questions about the grammy and shit was some BS. Except him it looks like. I’m actually not big on hardcore either.

Hes legendary alright, legendary poser.

Muzic? Interna?ional?

And to all my djs and folks who do know who I am but are keeping quiet because you know it’s a game changer all I have to say is for real? Yes, my password is: Maybe not ethical but effective marketing it seems.

Nothing but blogs and forums and social media. Here’s a guy who basically decided to get famous simply by tellin everyone he is famous and it worked.


Catch the first chance to digiboj directly with me on Nov 14, and ask me yourself! This show will provide information about the early stages of hiphop and when it began.

You could do the same shit with a bunch of pads or dicers really. This guy is a straight fake.

Then Jaycee comes in with a few jabs proceeding after. I need to pull mine out the closet.

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Someone has been doing a major cleanup act on the internet. Just offering my 2 cents about the flyer. I have no doubt he hoodwinked this company into thinking he was some big deal in the Dj world and since the marketing decisions were probably made by diigboy old white exec with no knowledge of the Dj world other than it was the in thing, he got some cushy paycheck without realizing they were sinking their brand worse than it had already sunk.

Just look at his latest posts digibly Nov 12th and then Nov13th. He didn’t create any music hits. Their is no p[ermission needed to scratch and cut a record Jonathan. All times are GMT This waste of sperm tv trying to fake being a pioneer of DJing.


She fronting like she’s neutral. Look me up on Facebook or twitter But for all of you to just jump off the cliff because some product specialist saw his job going away and attacked the messenger here we are. GMJ had the ‘Good Times’ spinning on the 1’s n 2’s Delta – Roots – Hospital 5. The “mixmaster” battle he claimed never happened. Nolige – – unreleased He talked dogiboy to me on Facebook and figured I was just some average DJ. And dlgiboy said it himself.