In November , Newnham Research renamed itself to DisplayLink, a name that better described their display connection technology. The family consists of 4 products: Retrieved 28 May While the basic network graphics technology can be used on a variety of network interfaces Ethernet , and Wi-Fi , DisplayLink has to date only designed products around USB 2. Ubuntu Members and employees of Canonical have emblems next to their names, indicating their affliation. Power and video data can be delivered over a single cable.

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The X server may crash after unplugging a DisplayLink device, if the device was dissplaylink only active screen. This link makes me want to buy one even more. Companies based in Cambridge Fabless semiconductor companies Thin clients Companies established in Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Martin King. The family consisted of 2 products: Fedora users can try to install this driver [1] also available as a rpm. Please report bugs and submit patches to libdlo through FreeDesktop. It’s still very much under development, but it’s possible to write custom applications to it today or to libdlo user mode library itself, bypassing udlfb.

DisplayLink formerly Newnham Research is a semiconductor and software technology company. I believe there is a nouveau entry below.

This DL-1×5 family brings improved performance, an increase in maximum resolution to x, and the integration of a DVI transmitter and video DAC. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat And it’s also possible to configure X and standard X applications to run on udlfb — but that part is still very distro dependent today.


DisplayLink – Wikipedia

Tech support questions must be links to Ask Ubuntu or the forums here’s why. DL and DL, differentiated by the maximum resolution supported by the device. This is because Nvidia is being a jerk and refusing to provide hardware documentation. Yup, am on See post from Patrick Gilmore at http: If you are doing nothing but spreadsheets and Firefox you might be fine with nouveau, but for games or other 3D applications the nvidia cards will run really slow.


Retrieved from ” https: So prepare to go wild writing drivers for all of your favorite Linux-based devices, and be sure to drop us a line when you do. This library will discover and connect to DisplayLink USB graphics chips and allow for developers to support DisplayLink devices on Linux and other platforms. After receiving the data, the HRE then transforms it back into pixels to be displayed on the monitor. DisplayLink finally responded to this in August by releasing a binary driver for Ubuntu, which supports all current USB 3.


Software Development Kit for DisplayLink devices

Code can be found on Github Any issues can be reported here Additionally, feel free to message us if your non-spam! Android There is a port of displaylik open source for Android 1.

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This software is already available for download. As of today, the company is announcing the release of the open-source implementation of its graphics software, offering support for the Alex family DL and DL chips.

Languages Polski Edit links. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InNewnham Research launched its first commercially available product in partnership with the Kensington Displayllink Products Group: No memes or follow-ups to picture posts “I see your Ubuntu-CDs and give you these The SDK is available and maintained by Listeq.

Or use the driver shipped with kernel 2.