My neighbor has a lexmark and I could see the huge difference in the two. It is important to have an extra printer in the event the first printer breaks. Can anyone give advice? I expected it to last a little longer, but I should have known better. After they performed the Where does one purchase the ink absorbing sponge?

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Run the nozzle head cleaning routine a couple times. Scans are great they line up perfectly-no adjusting needed and printing even photos on plain white paper is also great. I’ve had this since May, 8 years! Continue to next page 01 One lasted only 5 months, the other one 7 months.

I took it apart to find the nozzles and print head caked in dried ink.

Epson Stylus CX Specs – CNET

If the new one has problems it will be the last Epson I will ever buy. IT’s a simple fix. Maybe a bath is some acid will help.

Most of it congeals under the sponge. Is there a class action law suit begun and if so what is the link? I’m ready to throw this CX over the balcony rail!! Maybe it’s time to look for a new Cannon printer. You’ll need to move the small plastic stop has a spring underneath to the right.


Are there any other steps I can take to get it to print simple black ink or is it a goner? Great quality, lots of software for photo’s and it seems to be reliable but it is so S L O W that I can nap between pages.

Nightmare but ink prices can’t be beat Both me and a collegue purchased this printer.

epson cx6600 needs reseting

printr And look in the gutter under the sponge. The CX was designed for scanning and tweaking scans, too. I have a epson cx printer and it keeps saying error paper jammed but the paper is not jammed it wont feed are anything it will tug the paper but then it say it’s jammed ughhh what should I do??

Suddenly started printing blank cx6600. Also its used to print color photo’s. What you should do is download the SSC utility which is mentioned times on this forum and reset it. Thanks a million for this thread!

Reviews: Epson-Stylus-CXAll-In-One-Inkjet-Printer | eBay

I have had 2 so far and my cx660 is a RX and I have had nothing but problem after problem with it since almost day one. These all in one machines are made to be used everyday. It goes thru the motions but nothing prints on the paper. On the right you’ll see a small rectangle ink tray.


I have never replaced a sponge because they never need replacing. Both me and a collegue purchased this printer. The procedure described by Paul, does indeed work and “reset” the printer.

That’s the end of the story for me, except that I’ll be writing a long letter to Epson and explaining this process to them so they might be able to improve their service. Clean those pads with a damp q-tip.

I did not click the ‘blue’ cardtrige before I push back the cardtrige cover and close the rpson. I can report that it has the best ink system that I’ve ever seen. There is no ink printing on the paper but the ink levels indicate the ink levels are going down.