So if for any reason they do not arrive in the condition described above, they were definitely damaged during shipment. Need speakers that can rock with just one watt? Show full thread outline! Do not coat the cones that was crazy with feesr and more so to a feesr like using ketchup on fine steaks. I ended up with these in pics.

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However since just one driver’s magnet weighs 6. Orlando, Fla, United States Registered fe208es-f Steyr, Thanks for your input. It uses three FeES-R drivers! Yes initially I’ll be putting them into my Sachiko double back loard horns. You found da place.

I searched everywhere I could think of, especially in Japan’s auction sites. The coatings greatly reduce resale value and I feel damage sound quality.

And I find such cabinets add more coloration to back wave since far more ply to resonate and its not doubled. ONLY pairs Worldwide! I ended up using as a midbass with tweeter and it sings.

The man I bought them said I should get very good results even though it’s not the optimum enclosure for them. Easy to hear this.


Since I originally purchased these FEES-R drivers they ve208es-r installed in my speaker cabinets, used normally, removed and placed back in their original boxes for this sale. That said, these are a used audio item.

I’m curious what enclosures are you using these drivers in? Even the feesr cabinet benefits from doubling ply on baffles and extra bracing to reduce BLH coloration.

I ended up with these in pics.

Post Order or Asylum Reverse Threaded. It’s unfortunate that I have to sell these drivers. If fe20e8s-r haven’t seen the Supanesshi, you need to check it out. He told me to expect very similar performance to my previous FEES-R drivers but with better, tighter slightly more powerful bass, cleaner, more balanced frequency reproduction with no treble shout! I have to admit that this is the first I’ve heard anyone comment about the magnesium some being fatiquing sounding. Need speakers that can rock with just one watt?

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Return to High Efficiency Speaker Asylum. High Efficiency Speaker Asylum Need speakers that can rock with just one watt?

But both feesr feesr sold slow. Well as you said YMMV and different people hear different things. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have That CAN make a difference you know.


Used Fostex FEES Loudspeakers for Sale |

Hide full thread outline! Hide full thread outline! In fact some said it was too soft in the treble and required a supertweeter! THe response of the two drivers seems the same to me, and I am sure no human could tell the difference between the two drivers based on the SPL curves shown. Some of the features that makes the FEES-R driver what fe20es-r called ” fs208es-r best full-range driver Fostex has ever made ” are: To me these look like new, and sound better than new because they’re now completely broken-in.

Here’s some of the differences between the two drivers