It’s the sounds they made If this is the case, go to the digitech website and download the driver specific to you OS and the GNX, install it, then connect the GNX to your computer and it should show up as an audio source. Questionable audio quality by today’s standards. So fingers crossed – but looking like a worthy investment. I’m not familiar with tascam. Either it crashed my system or the latency with my gnx was not acceptable.

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Digitech GNX4 | Cakewalk Forums

In Audio equipment, you do get what you pay for. He hates surf, he shreds, but he says the sound is clear. Also, another thing i should make known is that i really want to find a way to make everything go through my tascam us cuz i just bought it and a big reason i got it was the mic preamp with phantom power as i want to record my vocals with a condenser mic which is a sterling audio st View the Media Kit.

Or worth just getting the wallet out to newer tech? Hey, we can’t let Leigh, Eric, markcm and oxrod be the only stars. Digitech gnx into an interface into mixcraft 5 Support and feedback for Acoustica’s Mixcraft audio mixing software.

ngx3000 I may do later after further research – nowhere does it imply they are supported by Win8. I’ve gotten worse with age. With the money I saved, I could There are sound communities for most digitech setups and you can download the presets and tweak them with X-Edit, then load them to your unit.


They seem thin with no bottom. Users browsing this forum: I bought this unit ssio for that type of playing situation and expect it to hold up for what I am using it for. Can’t afford one, Get a McJob, Whatever it takes.

I don’t use Y adapters. There are two cards in the gn3x000 and the top has a “trick” to reassembly due to the stem on the volume potwhich is to put it in diagonally gnx30000 get the guitar input through its hole before lying it flat and also have the hole for the volume stem off the table. I am not sure if they would allow such, but I would definitely want to test not only the amp out, but headphone out with my own guitar if they have amps there before I would even consider a purchase.

However one of the things I didn’t need was the Amp modeling. Oh, I asoi USB it, but only to run gnx3k x edit 2.

Most people don’t have the gear to even try it. Yeah, I was going to mention the online presets as I downloaded the zip file a while ago like total. Best to move on or tell them to lower the price significantly. This would have kept things a bit more tidy when trying to match up program settings with other MIDI capable devices.


Using GNX3000 as an ASIO in Ableton Live 6.0

Questionable audio quality by today’s standards. The drivers can be used for audio interface functions, with just a bit more latency than I would use and do not need.

I don’t feel I would need to have a back up for this processor. I haven’t actually loaded the drivers nor the beta ASIO drivers yet. I have been messing with the RP since the last post, but pulled out the GNX last night and began to run it through the ringer.

I cleaned both the LED and bnx3000 with isopropyl alcohol and put it all back together.

Digitech gnx into an interface into mixcraft 5 – Acoustica User Forums

Audio routes as follows: It’s gotta support WaveRT. Yeah, I never quite got the 15V thing maybe why no power switch. The one thing that really bothers me about this unit is Gnx33000 would have preferred to have 3 banks of programs each with one of those banks being user programmable. My Line 6 gear has better tonality, at least from the recording point of view.