At least until one comes along that really is. Marketing gibberish aside, I was interested to see what use a buzzing mouse could be. Rehabilitation experts said the new gadget could help people who have motor skills problems or minor sight impairment–people who have tremendous difficulty maneuvering the mouse-driven Web. But it still feels as if the thing’s got a Christmas beetle stuck inside it. They’re also both optical mouses, of the new-fangled variety that works on pretty much any surface, using a startlingly powerful on-board digital signal processor to interpret the movement of the image delivered by a tiny downward-facing camera. It’s got the see-through base, as well, with its fourth button close to the bottom edge on the thumb side for right-handers – left-handed users need not apply. But Osborne said the number of disabled people who will use the mouse is small, and others might perceive the sensory stimulation as gimmicky.

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Fortunately, the iFeel mouses do stuff in things other than plain Windows applications.

Please try your search again later. I really don’t think ordinary computer users need any of this, though.

They use Immersion ‘s TouchSense technology, that’s what they do. Similarly, Immersion say you can really feel the texture of on-screen surfaces in software that’s iFeel-enabled. Write a customer review. Getting going The iFeel mouses are both USB devices, and they come with Logitech’s iferl Mouseware driver software, and the separate iFeel driver package, both of which are set up as part of the standard install process.

Vibrations can be disabled or minimized if they become distracting. Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. Rehabilitation mkuseman said the new gadget could help people who have motor skills problems or minor sight impairment–people who have tremendous difficulty maneuvering the mouse-driven Web.


Go ahead and play with an iFeel mouse in the shop ifeel see what you think.

Logitech iFeel MouseMan review – Engadget

They’re perfectly good mouses, of course; if someone gives you one as a present, you can just disable the iFeel stuff and use it normally. Well no, you can’t, because the mouse can’t pull your hand anywhere. According to them, you can “drag the corner of a window to make it larger, and feel the window pull back like a rubber band”.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Servomotors inside them let them push back against the user, for a more realistic feel.

Force-feedback steering wheels and joysticks can make flying and driving games considerably more involving – not to mention let you know when you’re flying too fast to bank hard, or when you’re buzzing your tyres over the ripple strip. The second innovation contributes to the name of the mouse: Firstly, it’s optical, which is far from unique, but does mean that you can avoid all that cleaning of ball and runners, because they are not present. It’ll give you a lot more certainty about when the pointer’s on some small screen feature, and when it isn’t.

Logitech gets touchy-feely with new mouse – CNET

If you’ve got one of those games, you can get buzzes and clicks when you pick things up, select and ifrel weapons, land after jumping, and mousdman on. But if you’ve got no trouble seeing stuff on the screen, I’m at a loss as to what real use the Immersion Desktop is. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. A cool two-tone blue finish, complete with blue light that illuminates the logo, combines with smooth ergonomic lines that provide both comfort and a sleek style.


Logitech 930525-0403 iFeel Mouse –

Not many games, to be honest. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Product Description The iFeel MouseMan provides all the comfort and style that you have come to expect from Logitech mice, but has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to set it apart from your everyday rodent.

At maximum power, it’s ridiculous. mousemzn

The mouses don’t do anything special in games that take advantage of the other TouchSense gadgets. The company will unveil on Monday the first mainstream mice to transmit vibrations when a person scrolls over a hypertext link on a Web page or passes the cursor over a pull-down menu. Consumers will be able to buy the mice in stores and on Web sites, including Logitech’sin mid- to late September. Force-feedback gadgets are cool. A plastic bar signals the motor, which is tethered to a vibrator, whenever the cursor hits a link or pull-down command.

What do I need to say about this So it has the looks to be in a movie buts in the performance department it goes even further, especially with the vibrating function which might seem a little bit pointless but it does just add to the appeal of a great mouse for gamers and non gamers alike.

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