Most interesting is the integration of a fully programmable pipeline. HP and Dell both have great mainstream notebooks on the market right now at reasonable prices that you can get a dedicated graphics card in. Far Cry carves out another win for the GMA X, offering very playable performance with some minor image enhancements. In some games, framerate slowdown appears random. The forums here are quick to point out that the X offers much better performance in XP.

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Please, switch off ad blockers. So logically, Vista-based notebooks with Xs are going to radically outnumber the XP-based ones.

Log in Don’t have an account? First, an amusing anecdote: Lost Coast LQ HD Graphics Ivy Bridge.

The performance depends on the used graphics memory, clock rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems. Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile U GeForce Go GS.

GeForce Go Ultra. In the following list you can select and also search for devices that should be added to the comparison.

best intel x3100 driver

About the only game I ran on it that seemed to look right was Far Cry. To help answer this second question, we will also be including gaming performance results from a Gateway laptop EM that includes a Radeon Mobility HD discrete graphics chip. You can look at the detailed performance charts to see exactly how slow the IGP solutions run, but there are several titles that are completely unplayable even at minimum detail settings.


HP and Dell both have great mainstream notebooks on the market right now at reasonable prices that you can get a dedicated graphics card x3010. Respective the data, the peformance should be clearly better than GMA Radeon RX Laptop.

Mobile Platform Wars: AMD vs. Intel

The game is unplayable. We will include charts later that show that the difference between using a TL and a TL isn’t particularly great when talking about gaming performance, but we just wanted to make this point clear.

Specifications are as follows:. Intel Pentium Dual Core T, Intel Core 2 Duo T, Their big win was untel performance in Episode One, which inherited the technology pioneered in Lost Coast.

JanJohansson August 12, at 2: Intel Core 2 Duo U, Over the past several months, Intel has continued to improve the drivers and we’re now at the point where nearly all of the games ran without issue.

Best settings for an Intel GMA X – Urban Terror Forums

Quadro FX Go Trackmania Nations Forever We did try the SM2. I’m almost sure i will takle the X because of build quality and screen, but i would have liked some numbers regarding 3D performance. Radeon HD M Crossfire.


We intentionally show more ads 3×100 an adblocker is used. In other words, is the performance provided enough to actually run certain applications games that fail to run on competing hardware? Intel Core 2 Duo SU, I used uMark to benchmark the game in the Icetomb and Inferno maps with 7 bots enabled.

Radeon R9 MX Crossfire.