If the current equipment has is working for you they will tell you that. The most amazing golfing experience. Ran through the various options that I had available to me, going through the numbers on Trackman and explaining the significance of them and then the various ways to try and improve these numbers. Loft setting between the Third visit and every bit as good as the first two. To start upon entering the grounds of the castle I felt as if I should turn back as I’m not that good of a golfer as the place looks amazing and I was only on the driveway.

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Quality golf clubs, from a quality company with customer service 2nd to none! For me, I like light shafts with a heavier club head so I can feel where the club head is at during my swing.

Just to be certain I kn used this new tool called google and found lots and lots of pictures of the R1 weight ports with clearly visible markings on the weights.

This was my second time going for a full fitting through the bag Foregolf.

The key thing for me was that it soon became clear that the focus of ForeGolf is to deliver optimum performance for the individual, above any commercial considerations.

He’s a fitter and worked as so on the Setyings for 8years.

Want to know more about the new TaylorMade Product? I found the whole experience to be fantastic, a huge combination of shafts and heads settinhs that the guys find the right fit for you and when you add in hitting quality balls and Trackman 4 this is real fitting and cant be compared to the high street stores.


TaylorMade R1 Driver Review

Spin Rate was less than half what it was before, still have a few timing issues but all in all really happy, we were able to get fitted. Met don and had a great chin wag. I was comfortable knowing that there were many combinations of brands to choose from. I became absorbed by the whole experience finding it intriguingly captivating and beneficial. The place is like a Willy Wonka factory for golfers. In the 36 hole tournament with 38 international blind and visually impaired golfers, I achieved my 2 highest ever scores.

I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. I’m absolutely delighted with the clubs, and feel like I can’t wait two weeks to get my hands on the full set.

R1 Tuning Guide (AU)

Again I was with David and it was a pleasure from start to finish. Also tagged with what zettings they? I visited Foregolf as a birthday gift yesterday and was very impressed. I believe that the improvement ir purely down to the clubs. Some brief stats — Current 6 iron – yards, club head speed of 85 MPH and grouping was yards area of coverage.

I visited ForeGolf in Seftings and had clubs made following a custom fitting session at the facility.

I will be sending all my friends to you in the future. I found the fitting to be a great experience to find something that made sure it was an improvement, om also listening to what my preferences, and ultimately the valuable knowledge of why we were changing certain aspects of the club. Club loft, lie angles and shaft stiffness can greatly influence your ball striking.


TaylorMade R1 Driver, how to avoid getting it wrong | ForeGolf

My first visit to Foregolf was when they were based just outside of Naas. Went to Foregolf 29Jan15 yesterday. Just like the oj time met the famous Dom for the customary pre fit chin wag and look around the custom fit workshop, and as always left with a lot more worldly knowledge.

They don’t seek to have you walking away with 14 shiny new clubs even if you don’t need them. The whole experience from beginning to end is top class. People often talk about lowering their handicap and scores but I come at it from the other direction – get the right advice and then the right clubs and then you’ll enjoy it more and play better. The fitting itself was fantastic. Seeing all your stats on the large screen on the wall behind you and having it all explained and how it all impacts the end result gives a great understanding of how real custom fitting works.

I’ve been ‘custom fit’ before at demo days with launch monitors and to anyone that thinks that’s custom fitting, you have got to head to foregolf to see the difference. Superb Customer Service I have dealt with Foregolf for a number of years now and have never been disappointed. Great Expierence all in all.