PM for more details. I had a little training, but the main sound guy moved so I’m trying to learn as much as I can on my own. Or add a delay setting to each Matrix out by default. I see that there is usb out from your mixer. However, I then went to find the EQ on the matrix channels and they weren’t there! The outputs on the M don’t have anything much to speak of in the way of processing.

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The solution may be as simple as turning down the input gain on the crossover if there is one. If you are still learning it may be useful to teach a helper how to adjust monitors and go stand with the singers during a rehearsal, have a conversation and learn what they need to sing which may be different than what they want to hear Good luck!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Dec 29 Posted 27 February – Direct to PC recording over Cat5e enables up to 40 channels of direct digital recording. I guess stereo would work to try it out. The LS9 has attenuation and trim adjustments in a post-meter position on all the Omni etc. Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely. Monitor Mix in Headphones?


July 02, Will just stick with stereo for the trials then! Posted 23 January – Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

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This really isn’t going to work too well. Then you would have 3 graphics and 2 FX slots left – or more if the main out 4-band eq is adequate. The Digital Split allows lossless transmission to monitoring, recording or broadcast positions.

Zargg Max Output Level: Win 10 X64, i5 2. I would appreciate any insight.

The M is a complete digital mixing system that provides the purest sound possible. I’d guess that in the deep, distant past those were adjusted on the mixer you replaced.

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The outputs on the M don’t have anything much to speak of in the way of processing. The good thing rolahd that the channel strip also has the delay that I needed. User Control Panel Log out. Is this how you rlland it to you pc?

On the Yamaha LS9 this was easy as we used the matrix outputs and each one of them could have its own EQ and delay setup without using the main FX channels.


For system details see the V-Mixing System Overview. Thanks in advance, Sam. Cat5e snake eliminates the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes.

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How do I send from Sonar to M or is this not possible? Our soundroom is in the balcony and it’s open so there isn’t a way to setup monitors in it so that I can hear what the singers are hearing without disturbing church goers in the middle of the service.

Thanks all for the help. July 03, I don’t know your console but what you want to do is “solo” whatever aux sends are being used to feed the monitors, which should send that mix to your headphones.

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