I then tried deleting all modems and starting again but I cant seem to delete the “default” modem setting, modem0. Miless New Member Jan 2, From the sound of it, you are doing alright with yours Jamesy New Member Jan 2, To me, a nerdy girl, that answer was totally unacceptable, but I digress. That isn’t the problem.

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Think of it this way. Darwin Kernel Version 7. It seems to be stuck on modem0 but when going into the “Details” settings of the modem, it shows as ttyS0. I then tried deleting all modems and starting again but I cant seem to delete the “default” modem setting, modem0. KDE and Modem install. Normally, I get anywhere from 3.

It is impossible to get that over phone lines. LaoChe, that was mean.

Could ISP software have corrupted the original Apple driver, or was this always a problem? Rainbow Six New Member Jan 1, The time now is Modem not responding Connect scrip failed exit code 8 So I configured the modem again, this time selecting ttyS0 vice modem0. Do an Altavista search on sm56 and look at all the complaints about them. Rainbow Six New Member Jan 2, To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I support an ISP, we have loads of problems from people with them complaining about poor performance and sometimes an inability to connect Posted on Oct 13, 8: Oh, and I have a DSL set up.


Kevin New Member Jan 2, However, anyone else who’s had this error on this discussion forum has not received a response relevant to this SPECIFIC kernel panic, and apparently have learned to live with it.

That is MUCH faster than my baud modem Dude Internetboost 99 is BS! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

To me, a nerdy girl, that answer was totally sm5k6, but I digress. You must log in or register to reply here.

Motorola sm56k Windows XP Driver

I use my new motorooter sm56k for a paper weight,sorry but its a piece of crap. HWC members gallery www.

The problem is that the modem is not responding which could be because your need to use ndiswrapper with it or it could be something else. Since I couldn’t get Finder operable past my desktop image, and I’d had a kernel panic just prior to that reboot, Sm56o told me via the phone that I’d have to backup and reinstall the Mac OS X.


That isn’t the problem.

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My another question on modem. KDE and Modem install Modem0 is normally linked to the appropriate tty. However, it still shows modem0 in Yast. During the install, When it got to the checking the modem stage,I configured it for my isp. Heck, on my 56k I never go over 4k. User profile for user: