Choose one method of communication and use that cable only. You then jumper these wires to the appropriate pins of the pin header, comprised of pins and pins , which correspond to the pins of the ZIF socket U1. You will then be asked in a dialog if you wish to download the OS. Freeze peripherals on Halt is checked and grayed, but some peripherals do not freeze. Plug in USB first, then power supply. STEP 2 – Windows XP SP2 If you have service pack 2, the first time a new USB device is plugged into a Windows XP system, this dialog box will appear indicating that the system has found a new hardware device and asking you whether or not to search for update software. To work around the issue, reduce the cable length to less than 6 inches.

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Microchip Technologies ICD2

A small dialog box will appear indicating that the system completed adding a hardware device, immediately followed by the statement that it has found a new hardware device.

If programming failures still arise, try increasing this value incrementally to a maximum of 10uF. Also, you must remember to do an erase before programming as this is not done automatically. The glass features 7-segment displays, wipers, thermometers, star bursts, and other common icons. Therefore, Microchip advises against multiple-stage programming sessions which may fail to verify. If a break point is set on an instruction that follows a taken branch, the Breakpoint will be triggered even though the branch went elsewhere.


You then jumper these wires to the appropriate pins of the pin header, comprised of pins and pinswhich correspond to the pins of the ZIF socket U1. Programming times are typically 15x faster than previous systems.

Download Microchip MPLAB ICD 2 Firmware Loader n/a

Refer to the device’s data sheet for pinouts. Proceed to Step 7. Display and LED Drivers.

Please consider SST38vf family]. See Software Preliminaries for a picture of this dialog.

Please refer to the Development Tool Selector for up-to-date support. Otherwise follow all instructions. That customer may then transfer these preprogrammed devices to another customer who would use the unprotected general segments. Requires Approved Quote Quantity. If you are reprogramming the device from PLL mode to another mode, first ixd with PLL dindows, then remove power and reapply. When programming these devices, bulk erase commands should be issued between successive programming operations, i.

Do not plug in both serial and USB cables. The following is a list of known problems. Click “Next” and continue with the steps below.

The CAN module, unlike the other peripherals, does not get frozen in the following situations:. CO And Smoke Detection. If you are running Windowsyou may not see this dialog or the next 3 dialogs.


Mplab and ICD2 windows 7

Includes RJ adapter and pin header. This can result in a verification failure if the code performs self write to either program memory or Data EE. These code routines will be used to program your memory and care must be taken to ensure they are relocatable and comply with the format used in the included source files.

Perform a reconnect to enter debug mode.

If you have accidentally kcd the Windows OS default driver, these instructions will direct you to how to “clean” your system first before installing the correct driver s.

For example, you should NOT do the following sequence with these devices:. Ever wanted to debug a target from another room, or even another country? For more please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This is a silicon issue.

This will cause errors. Microchip Development Tool has not passed Windows Logo testing Data and Video Transceivers.