I tried them side by side. Plus, the JB version now has the same layout: We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. No, create an account now. Search Media New Media. Just to check I wasn’t going mad, I popped the backs off and sure enough, there are some clear differences.

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Log in or Sign up. If the usual drives aren’t doing it for you, a visit to the FET might well be in order.

I tried the regular Fet Driver and it was still amazing though. No, create an account now. I thought Dunlop stated they were exactly the same. Haven’t tried the ole’ Dover Drive yet.

MXR FET Driver IS different to Joe Bonamassa Signature FET Driver

The main difference I see are the two diodes D3 and D4. Elsewhere, the pedal is true bypass and runs from a nine-volt battery or power supply. The LO control was way too sensitive. You actually opened it up and proved they were different. Just thought I’d share as I thought the consensus was mxd they were the same. I’m going to order a regular FET Driver soon, as I really ret the tone, but maybe the sig model is better?


J have a couple of pedals with active EQ, they are amazing! Control-wise, the level and drive knobs act as you’d expect, while the hi and low knobs cut or boost treble and bass frequencies, and the hi cut switch rounds off high frequencies.

Share This Page Tweet. I had the non-JB version.

The pedal sounds very different with the knobs at noon, where the low and high frequencies being boosted change the feel of the pedal a lot. In fact, mxxr up the gain and it’s so smooth that it begins to verge on fuzz territory, in contrast to the crunchy low-gain sounds.

And if your living room drive doesn’t quite translate to the stage, press the handy hi cut switch and you’ll tone down the top end to prevent shrill treble at gig volumes. WienerDogNov 3, Does this mean they both have active EQ?

MXR CSP Joe Bonamassa FET Driver review | MusicRadar

Nov 3, Plus, the JB version now has the same layout: Home Forums Recent Posts. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. There is no cut. Cool, I called Dunlop and they told me it is exactly the same, this was done as a marketing thing I actually like the Fet Driver a lot. The chip is still a in the regular version.


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I tried them side by side. Get this man a private jet and a mansion, he deserves it. Just to check I wasn’t going mad, I popped the backs off and sure enough, there are some clear differences. Guess that is the difference between the custom shop model and the regular one. Custom50Oct 15, Oct 15, 5. Pros Smooth, singing sustain. I would kill to have a version that was smoother and had tighter bass.