At close range, speeds averaged 4. It features the draft release of the as-yet-unfinished If you’ve ever seen a router you’ll know that there’s not much to see, but Netgear do make more of an effort than most — and this has been the case ever since it released the first RangeMax router a few years ago. I need power and lots of it. The unit has the same two-tone gloss white and grey colour scheme common in most of Netgear’s low- to mid-range routers and modems; it’s an attractive design that doesn’t draw attention to itself. The Netgear’s lack of external antennas is striking, and this is because, unlike other competing routers, the Netgear uses internal antennas — just like modern laptops. The DGN also has a configurable firewall, allowing for customised rules as well as domain and keyword blocking.

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Our biggest disappointment with this device is ultimately its Ethernet ports.

DG834Nv1 – RangeMax NEXT ADSL2+ Modem Wireless Router

News Reviews Insights TechRadar. Close range dgg834n speeds won’t affect Internet speed but at 15m, the decrease in throughput will likely impinge on Internet traffic at least a little.

Netgear added the salient point on its Web site that internal antennas are also protected from damage and misalignment. Against Promised speeds never materialised. International traffic managed an average speed of 2.

DG834Nv2 – RangeMax NEXT ADSL2+ Modem Wireless Router

Best Wireless Routers for We used the router over a period of several months on an Internode test account, and though the exchange we used was only rated at 1. The Netgear’s lack of external antennas ntegear striking, and this is because, unlike other competing routers, the Netgear uses internal antennas — just like modern laptops.


Buy this and you’ll almost certainly be able to upgrade to the final standard when it’s ratified early next year. We were very impressed netvear its modem sync speeds, but no Gigabit Ethernet and poor throughput speeds make this a poor router for heavy data transfer and media streaming needs. How many times have you bought something that’s outmoded in a few months?

With top speeds and added features for gaming, security and network prioritization, the In an environment with dg384n other weak wireless networks and a DECT phone, performance wasn’t great – around 40Mbps.

Internal antennas prevent breakage. It comes with one ADSL filter in the box, but if you have more than one outlet you’ll need to purchase third-party filters as Netgear don’t sell them separately.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Less interference meant better performance though, and the Netgear rose up past the 80Mbps mark eventually in a ‘cleaner’ environment. Come on Netgear, consumers expect more. Brand Post Data science: Basic denial of service DoS attacks can be repelled at a hardware level.

Netgear DGN | TechRadar

As it happens, Netgear’s Web-based Smart Wizard is logically set out with a menu along the left hand side and it can get as complex or as detailed as you like. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.


We were extremely impressed with the DGN’s modem capabilities. For Superb wireless range. That’s still 15 or so Mbps better than We transferred several large files from a computer connected at Mbps to an Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in I need power and lots netgesr it.

The Bottom Line The Netgear DGN is a flexible and consistently performing draft-N modem with some excellent security features — but you may baulk at the price. Configuration options can be easily netgea from a simply laid-out Web page.

Don’t show this again.

Our proximity to the DSL exchange helped these results somewhat, but they still attest to the DGN’s modem capabilities. However, it’s in terms of wireless range where the Netgear really amazes. We’ll be seeing it everywhere.

Netgar was unlike its stablemate, the WNRT, which simply quit two-thirds of the way through — leaving us to fill out the security options via the Smart Wizard configurator.