Just feel free to contact us at anytime if you need more informations! They can slip out during transportation; provide measures to avoid losing them. Check the charging assemblies for dirt and faults e. Symbol Description Indicates an item of a non-specific nature, possibly classified as Note, Caution, or Warning. Remove the copyboard glass protection pad.

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Replace the laser unit. Check the scanning lamp.

Canon iR8500 Service Manual-ENG

String the cable correctly. Spring lever 3 Push up the pickup roller releasing lever with your finger. The cause is in the potential control mechanisms. Fit the card correctly.

Check the developing assembly for leakage of toner. For other charging assemblies, fit the two covers. Ig8500 the charging wire cleaning pad each charging assembly for displacement. The language dictionary is stored here.

imageRUNNER 85

Connect the tow connectors. Mount the sensor correctly. If soiled, sacnner with alcohol; if worn or deformed, replace it. Drivers Software Firmware Utilities Loading If a fault is found, replace the part immediately.


The problem is caused by the environment. Go to step 8. Leading edge margin Delivery roller drive assembly 10 Does the delivery roller move smoothly?

scanner The setting is used so that the image on the photosensitive drum will be centered. YES 2 Are the front doors and covers closed properly? If the wiring is free of a fault, replace the inverter PCB. Replace the developing cylinder.

Primary charging wire 3. Check the transfer charging assembly.

Canon FH, Exposure Lamp, IR, IR, IR, IR Original

Turn off and then on the power switch. Turn the delivery motor by hand. Originals that are reddish in tone may cause poor contrast. After mounting the sscanner blade, turn the drum; if toner slides off the cleaning blade as a result, repeat the foregoing step.

Check the wiring and the lever; if normal, replace the sensor. F shows the sequence of operations in transparency mode. Find Supplies and Accessories About Counterfeits.


Check the drum gear. It, however, should disappear as more and more copies are made. When done, the system software of the SDRAM is started to initialize the parts; thereafter, the control panel shows the normal Operation screen and, at the ir850 time, the Start key LED changes from red to green to indicate that the machine is ready to accept a job.

The site is not exposed to the direct rays of the sun; otherwise, curtains are provided.