Alessio Treglia quadrispro on One where the monitor flickers endlessly like a maniac, the brightness trembling nervously like the system is about the explode any second. Now everything works perfectly well and very fast indeed. This evening I upgraded my xfce4 desktop to use Linux 2. All you got to do is go to http: Results 1 to 5 of 5.

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To think ubujtu after all the misery and stress, I could solve this ornery issue by using the following simple command:.

May 4, Finally as of today, it works like it should.

Ubuntu Ibex Wubi installer Kernel 2. Hckr 5 September 9th, 3. I got amazing support from the ubuntu kernel-maintainers for problems I had with my MSI U different card – different driver.

Jaron December 13, Since the notebook does not have a CD drive, I had to figure out an alternative way to get that Xubuntu installed. The machine has 1 GB ram, and Ubuntu will work well without swap since it is a netbook and not a workstation, and I know from previous iDeneb installations that extended partitions do not play well with Mac OS X.


Hello, I’m wanting to install a Linux on my MSI U Netbook

For many weeks maybe even months, I was having lots of problems with a very slow wifi connection, and it was driving me crazy. After another reboot, all is back to normal except for a couple small tweaks I have to make in order manually to restore my panels as they were. The version found in the ubuntu repository of this driver is 1. This is much better than having a dual boot system and on startup always having to choose one or the other. ISO CD images are available from http: And so whenever it comes out of sleep the old driver was being used.

It doesn’t do anything with the first bluetooth LED. Will keep you updated later on.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please do not test the kernel in the daily folder, but the one all the way at the bottom.

Installing Mac OS X and Ubuntu on the MSI Wind U100

So this evening I decided winv remove it completely uubuntu my hard disk and replace it with Ubuntu. Also see this bug report for more information: But anyway, your fix helped me stay online for the Greg May 21, 3: See full activity log. Otherwise the installer will try to resize the XP partition.


I have a U Wind Notebook and Ubuntu Linerd October 24, 8: Clicking on suspend button only disconnect and reconnect after a while the wifi.

MsiWind – Community Help Wiki

Ubunti installed ubuntu, bluetooth was working. One where the monitor flickers endlessly like a maniac, the brightness trembling nervously like the system is about the explode any second. Compare Files With diff.

Join Date Dec Beans 2. To create and open the file for editing, open a terminal window and enter:. Thanks Hckr for your comments.

Mate or Cinnamon is no big deal, but Cinnamon is a little more demanding on the computer.