Train Signals ca I really don’t want to get into any finger-pointing about who did or didn’t do what. It in German I think so I’ll let you stumble through the translation. This should not affect any recent, North American-based models. SoundTraxx Tsunami2 Speaker Selection. Rule 20 Class Signals. Length and width Picture 1 are important but maximum component height on each side of the decoder Picture 2 and dimensions of the mating adapter Picture 4 are probably the most critical.

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None of the size groups match the NEM standard.

We will wait anxiously to see how the new features advance the hobby. Mike also confirmed the function of this board. I have gathered several items from the various manufacturers for the purposes of this review.

The speaker impedance is defined by the manufacturer and is as such documented. Make sure formatted to FAT The units are generally classified by manufacturer, processor dual-core RK or quad-core RK and screen size x or x ESU Cube Speaker.


The images are “pre-rooted. Second, there appears to be two different brands of connectors being mmtc by the various OEMs. Bachmann also sells a separate sound module to plug into the pin connector.

Radio low pass filter mod: While I have no proof beyond gut feel and hands on evaluation, it seems. MTC Motherboard to Hardwire.

The speaker will be wired between these Pins. These files are untouched from there. The most extreme example is the Soundtraxx board which measures 3.

It’s not really my concern. I don’t think anyone can say someone else didn’t follow a standard with a straight face. This page was last modified on 19 Novemberat DCC Decoders and Parts. SoundTraxx Tsunami2 Alternate Mixer.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Select your model from the list to link to a quick reference document specific to that engine. ZIMO decoders have different types of outputs, the presence, number and capacity of the various outputs varies across the decoder families:.

Hui Fei Type – XDA-Developers

JY Apps – Malaysk. The decision on the use of these common terminals motherboar done with. Convertible to C via CV8. Launcher screenshots – Malaysk.


Hui Fei Type

Photo Courtesy of Mike Garber. Power packs with pulse power systems such as “tracking control”, etc. We recommend that the first full power testing be done on regular DC. The other obvious difference is that the sockets of one brand of female connector have inserts where as the other type does not.

I guess we can call this one a 21STX This should not affect any recent, North American-based models. Each Bachmann sound-equipped locomotive comes with multiple whistles to allow you to customize the locomotive to your personal tastes or more closely match your prototype railroad.